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People are still not aware that this is due to an advanced technology that was developed way back in the past. The technology so advanced now and it is capable of decoding your thoughts precisely, what your eyes are seeing, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste, what your bodily sensations are etc.. by capturing brainwaves, as there's a precise brainwave pattern, which takes place while processing our sensory inputs inside the brain. The technology is not only capable of decoding your entire brain it's capable of remotely stimulating the specific parts of the brain and induce sounds, voices, visions etc.. to us. It is due to this technology that you find victims of Tinnitus, bipolar disorders, voice hearing, dissociative identity disorders etc... All these conditions are being induced to people to develop the technology and then to shutdown people who goes against them. The tech is being used by USA and if you check the history of presidents in US you will see almost all of the presidents of US are freemasons. That's strange. Do you think it's a coincident? Not really, US is keeping a bogus election to show the world a big drama. Even the next president of US is already being selected long ago.

The number of tinnitus sufferers is increasing all the time. Nobody knows exactly how many people are currently affected by tinnitus worldwide. According to estimates, this figure is 440 million. In the USA alone, the number of tinnitus sufferers is given as 40 million. (http://www.tinnitus.cc/en/all-about-tin … /index.php)

Followings are some interesting questions if someone thinks it's due to brain damage or due to malfunction of your brains activities.

Do you think it's because of damage to your ear?

No, because even the people who are deaf will have Tinnitus

Do you think it's because of a Brain Damage?

Even a blind person can hear Tinnitus, so this sound never coming to your brain using sound waves, it’s processed directly by the auditory cortex and since these people can hear other sounds well the auditory cortex works well. If you have an issue with the auditory cortex itself then you should also have hearing problem with all the other sounds as well. People who has Tinnitus sometimes claims that it has gone for 10, 15 minutes and then it has come back all of a sudden and this is after experiencing Tinnitus for years and years. Is it possible for a damaged brain to heal for just 10 to 15 minutes only? Having said that you may read the following.

http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/fo … &st=15

Posted 16 October 2006 - 08:28 PM

I read through most of these posts. I have a question about tinnitus. I don't know if I have it or not, and what's been happening to me, is strange. It was last month when I first experienced this: About a week or so before my half-sister's mother died, I was lying in my bed, my head propped up on my hand, reading. Out of nowhere came this sound (seemed to be in my right ear, which is the side that I was "laying" on). I bolted up in the bed, because it sounded like someone breathing. It was weird, it sounded kind of "otherworldly", almost like a death rattle. It would start slow, and then speed up, like the gasping was getting frightened or panicky. Then, it stopped. I was thinking, HOW WEIRD, and shrugged it off. So, a bit later, I was back to my reading, when it started again, then stopped. By that point, I didn't know WHAT in the heck it was, and was starting to get a bit creeped out. During this whole time, there was NO buzzing sound whatsoever. I got up, and turned my bathroom light on (because I had decided I was just going to go to bed and try to sleep), and it was a bit freaky to me. Then it started again. I jumped out of bed, and went to get my husband who was sleeping on the sofa (always falls asleep in front of the tv). I made him come to bed, and I told him about what was going on. I laid down, and it started AGAIN! I asked if he heard it, and he said he did not. It happened once more, and after the second time (since he'd come to bed), I asked him if we could switch sides of the bed, because it seemed to be coming from "my side". We switched, and I didn't hear it anymore. The next couple of nights, I slept on the couch, not wanting to take the chance of hearing it again. Those two nights, I heard NOTHING. Then, when I went to bed the next time, I heard it again. Same drill, I made hubby switch sides, and the sound was gone.

A couple of days later, hospice informed the family that my half-sister's mother was going to pass, and everyone needed to be there to see her. I went there, and here's where it gets odd: She was gasping. I recognized the sounds she was making. It was the same sound I'd heard in my ear. I thought maybe I was simply hearing what was going to happen (sort of a precognitive thing). That night I went to bed, and didn't hear the sound. Didn't need to change sides with hubby, etc. For a few nights I just heard silence when I went to bed. Then, it started again. I realized that I had been sleeping on my husband's pillow for the nights that I hadn't heard it. So, to experiment, I switched pillows again, and slept on his. The sound didn't happen. On the occasions that my husband has given me my pillow back, I've heard it (he even switched it without my noticing, and it happened, I would realize it, steal his pillow, and no noise). I looked up tinnitus. I never read anything about it sounding like a breathing sound, yet I really think that this is what it is. I know, I need to see my physician, but I wanted opinions. I really don't think it is anything paranormal (except maybe hearing the same sound coming from my half-sister's dying mother), but maybe I was just looking for something that resembled the sound. Are there triggers that exist for tinnitus episodes? And why would I hear the sounds only on my OWN pillow and not hubby's? I will say that I did experience the "breathing sound" out of bed twice. Both times was when I was in my kitchen cooking dinner. I decided to post this here, because I noticed that someone had bumped the topic, and after reading the posts, it's obvious that those who do have tinnitus know quite a bit more about the experience of it than I do. Have any of you ever had episodes where it sounded like a breathing sound? Are there certain things that will make your tinnitus seem more prevalent or noticeable (besides total silence)? I was thinking that the reason I heard it on my pillow and not my husband's is that they are made from different materials, but I'm no scientist, so I don't know how that would matter.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks...

This is another strange incident. She will not hear tinnitus just by switching pillows with her husband. Is it due to brain damage or is she being monitored by someone 24x7? To heal Tinnitus you only have to switch pillows and that's funny. Are we going to believe this further?


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September 15th, 2010, 10:55 PM

I developed tinnitus this summer before I finished my open water diver certification. My experience has been different than yours (9 dives). I can not tell an increase in volume after the dive. Also, during my dives I have not noticed the high pitched humming...that I hear now. My son...being concerned for his dad came across some articles that suggest some people notice that the noise goes away after 7 meters. I dont know if it is my focus on what I am doing...the background noise, or something else...but I dont notice the noise while diving. As someone that has tinnitus the best thing I can do is not think about it...the more I think about it the louder it gets. I use relaxation techniques and distraction to escape the noise.

Here he claims that some people have noticed that tinnitus goes away underwater after diving into 7 meters like. So again these brain activities in the auditory cortex should disappear while they are underwater below 7 meters and should be back when they are above water.. Strange!!!

If you have an internal issue with your brain, then how come it disappears underwater? Deaf can hear Tinnitus (even if they have a damaged ear), which definitely means activation of the auditory cortex is not from sound waves, cause the ear is damaged and it's not passing these signals to the auditory cortex. Therefore, it's neither due to a damaged brain and these signals are not coming through sound waves in the outside world. What is it then? These waves must directly hit the brain and stimulate the auditory cortex. Isn't it?



Silence Under The Sea

Dearest Whooshers,

I just returned from a trip to the beach where I discovered that I didn't hear the whooshing while snorkeling. Sweet silence under the sea! My fingers looked like prunes by the time I dragged myself out of the waters, but oh, how nice it was. Just me and colorful fish and silence. I suppose a possible solution to my pulsatile tinnitus is to become a mermaid.

Have any of you out there had similar non-whooshing experiences under water?

Tue, July 27, 2010 | link Comments

For her whooshing goes away underwater. So again these brain activities in the auditory cortex should disappear while she is underwater and should be back when she is above water..


http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/divers … ars-5.html

March 21st, 2013, 10:40 AM

I've been diving since 2000, and I know that my two tone tinnitus disappears underwater. After over 250 dives, it's a fact, as far as I'm concerned.


http://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/c … s&t=96

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I'm new to the site and have had Tinnitus for about 3 yrs. However, I've been scuba diving since 1992. I have found that when I dive to about 7 mts and deeper the Tinnitus stops. I've mentioned this to doctors and consultants and they look at me as if I'm stupid. Are there any of you out who also dive and if so does the TIN stop for you?Has anyone been told not to dive because they have Tin?

His tinnitus goes away while he is underwater after diving into 7 meters like. So again these brain activities in the auditory cortex should disappear while he is underwater below 7 meters and should be back when he is above that level.. Strange!!! Again, I think VLF waves can go for 10 to 40 (Check wikipedia for very low frequency waves) meters and ELF waves can go even further...



My first attack of the ‘dizzies’ and vomiting was in 1999, I had no idea of what was happening. After two or three more attacks I visited the doctor and voiced my concerns. She said she’d give me something for the vomiting and prescribed Stemetil suppositories because nothing taken orally would stay with me, but NO DIAGNOSIS. By early 2000’s the Tinnitus in my right ear had changed from the summer cricket sound to music and singing. I told no one because my first thought was I was losing my mind. This resulted in my blood pressure rising while my self esteem plummeted. I just wasn’t myself for a long time.

Strangely her tinnitus changed from cricket sound to music and singing (It's weird). So if it's singing, a MEG scan should show a similar activity in her brain compared to a MEG scan taken when she is actually singing. This is like Musical ear syndrome now. Do you really believe a damaged brain can produce music and singing in this way??


http://www.thespiritscience.net/forum/v … mp;p=68188

My uncle has suffered from tinnitus for over ten years, and the sound is so loud he sometimes can't hear what other people say. Then last fall he was on a walk and suddenly the tinnitus just stopped for about 10 minutes and my uncle was in awe. After that it came back though. My point here is that if it's somehow subconsciously or even consciously possible to get rid of the tinnitus...

This person was suffering from tinnitus for 10 years and it has stopped suddenly for 10 minutes. For whatever the reason the sound(tinnitus) stopped for 10 minutes and started again. Can it be recovered for 10 minutes only or some external thing(perhaps a wave) stopped for 10 minutes? I think under a MEG scan we should be able to see a specific brain activity in his auditory cortex and this must have gone away for 10 minutes like for whatever the reason but was there for 10 years continuously and he must be still having... Are we going to believe that a damaged brain could heal only for 10 minutes after 10 years??


http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/index … ic=31808.0

Well, i'm pretty sure its not tinnitus, as my ears don't ring regularly, and i haven't been noticing any ringing recently. Still haven't seen a doctor. A few days ago, i was meditating after i had some weed (yeah i know it don't work that well), and the ringing came again, and it was incredibly loud and high pitch. The sound was so overpowering, it made it quite hard to hear my friends talking. I didn't focus on it, cause it was just so loud, but than that could be the affects of the weed as well.

Do you think weed can produce this specific brain activity(High pitched tones) in the auditory cortex? Strange you will have this same brain activity even if you go to a club (for some people) or sometimes if you take medicine or people who go for scuba diving gives this same brain activity in the auditory cortex... So can't this be all external specific waves that hits your brain and your mind process it and interpret it?


http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/divers … -ears.html

September 15th, 2010, 07:19 PM

i've noticed mine goes away under water, but, to be honest i haven't noticed it worsening when i get back topside. i usually have to be in a quiet room before it gets annoying. I'm with WildBill where i've basically ignore it.

Same explanation like above.

It's also strange that some people say that they got Tinnitus after meditating, others say they got it after a flight, after malaria and if you search you will find loads of crazy causes for Tinnitus. When you read those, you will start thinking why the medical community even say that it's due to some malfunction of the brain.

Now let's take voice hearing cases,

First of all hearing is a perception. For us to hear any sound or voice there must always be electrical activities or brainwaves in the auditory cortex. If your auditory cortex is being removed for some reason you will not hear any sound or voices. Every word that you hear has a specific electrical pattern or brain wave which is unique from each other. And that's how we differentiate words from other words. Means the brain waves in the auditory cortex for the word "HI" is different then the word "HELLO". Both will produce unique electrical patterns or brain waves in the auditory cortex. Even the sound of Tinnitus will produce a unique pattern in the Auditory cortex and that's how you identify you have Tinnitus or the sound of Tinntius. It could be pulsatile or any type of Tinnitus, there must be always activities in this brain region. Voice hearers can have logical conversations with these voices. Now assume a voice hearer asks what's 95 X 199. For a normal person without using a calculator can't answer this, but these voices will give you the answer instantly. So these voices should somehow process his question after he is being talking or speaking about this and induce right electrical pattern in the auditory cortex for a voice hearer to hear it. In this case, the electrical pattern for the word "Eighteen thousand one nine hundred and five" should be produced in the auditory cortex. If not the voice hearer should not hear this. It's is strange how these electrical patterns appear when the person who hear these voices have no clue to the answer of this without using a calculator.

https://targetedindividualscanada.com/2 … ges-of-eh/
People who claim themselves as targeted individuals also get Tinnitus, they also hear voices and then they are being harassed in many other ways,

Now check these strange cases.

The voices constantly told me they were never leaving, and that I'd have to learn to deal with it. They told me that our entire society is inside of a quantum computer, and that we are all just lab rats, being studied by their people. In particular, they told me that I was being "stress tested" to see how stress affected my memory. The voices constantly asked me questions about my memory and asked what medications I was taking, whenever I took pills. I could hear these voices clear as day, as if through a radio of some kind. On a few occasions, I actually saw people that correlated with the voices, faint visual hallucinations. Mind you, prior to all of this, I led a fairly normal life with no history of psychosis or mental disorders, except mild PTSD and ADD.”” “

The question is, how come these voices know about quantum computers? these are technologies that we are expecting to see in the coming decade or two. Some people are saying that these are some spirits who can do mind reading and also at times trying to destroy the lives. Well all I can say is that if these spirits have quantum computers, then these spirits must also be running some huge data centers to store all these information and these spirits must also be having a monitoring team/tech team as well. Including paid doctor’s to do brain research etc.

Medical community says it's due to bio-chemical imbalance. Really?? Now take my above explanation, for this person to hear what voices said, for every word that this person heard there must be unique electrical patterns/brain waves produced in the auditory cortex. Without these electrical patterns/activities a voice hearer won't hear or not even identify what the voices are saying. So how come a chemical imbalance in the brain produce these electrical activities? Are we still going to believe what these doctors are saying?? His brain telling suddenly to himself that "I'm going to do a stress test" and then asking questions about own memory and having a logical conversation. Can a bio chemical imbalance do this?

The Voices in My Head | Eleanor Longden | TED...

Voices helped to answer some questions? Well certainly if I monitor/decode your thoughts I can help you as well to pass the exam by inducing voices to you and help you out.

Raina Walks
the voices did things like that with me too...and as a result i gave in to them and they had total control of my mind in that i did everything they said for weeks...i spent $15k in three weeks .... they told me what to say to the doctors in hospital...what to ask for to help me with sleep...they do all kinds of things...

if i needed to get somewhere i did not know the directions to...they would literally lead me there without me having looked at a map...just with them directing me...it is heady stuff…

i have ptsd and could not remember how some people in my past looked like...the voices sent their pictures in my mind and i recognized them right away....whatever this phenomenon it is a very powerful one...i'll say that...but it is more dangerous than it is helpful in my opinion...

Now strangely these chemical imbalance of the brain will tell you how to navigate in the world by producing unique electrical patterns in the auditory cortex and guide you. They can also send pictures to her brain. So strange!!! Are we still going to believe what doctors are saying??? These people are not crazy at all.

https://www.myptsd.com/…/somatic-pain-m … -trauma.…/

"I have body memories almost exactly like yours but mine is pretty much 24/7, get way worse when I am getting ready to have a flashback or have just had a flashback and feels like what actually happened at some points.”

Did they capture the electrical activity in the brain and keep inducing the same pattern to the brain 24/7?? Just like you hear voices of your dead relatives/friends, can’t we do the same thing if we have captured those brain patterns in the past and stimulate your brain now with those exact electrical patterns ?


"The results show them to be extremely talented in emoti0onal subjects, insights, psychological or metaphysical pursuits. But when it came to hard core intellect like scientific knowledge or even doing math problems, they fall way down and can barely get through"

Some people say that though they are intelligent enough to play a game with you they fail at maths and lack of scientific knowledge.


Intrusive Thoughts/Tourette's & Thought Broadcasting

Thought broadcasting delusion? Think about this again, yes, this can be done, but this is not what really happens, just decode your brain, and induce a thought to a person known to you/around you/ in the street and let him/them think or start talking about a topic which you have thought before by stimulating the brains. What will happen? This will simply make you think that others or people around you know exactly what you think of. Isn’t it? If someone stimulate the right area of the brain and induce thoughts with unique brainwaves then people will not know how to differentiate these with their own thoughts and when people around you talk about something that you thought of you will start believing that others can read your mind. This is how most of the delusions are being created.

One creepy example of why I sometimes doubt the messages are based on my interal repository of knowledge is that during one episode about a year ago a voice (this time claiming to be a woman I knew) said she lived in some small town (don't remember the name anymore) in Texas. Before the voice told me about this town, I had never heard of it before, therefore its name could never have been a part of my unconscious memory. After looking up this 'town' on the internet, I found out it was a suburb in Austain Texas.

Strange capabilities of these voices.

i experienced incidents of the voices taking over my body too...it did feel like possession...they also caused me pain...suddenly a part of my body would start to hurt and i had to keep working or walking telling myself that it was not real pain it was the voices…

This I have copied sometime back but I can't find the comment anywhere now. Strangely it's being deleted. It's strange that these voices can hurt your body whenever they need. That's another strange thing.

If you carefully study and research into what these cases are, you will understand that these conditions are being induced to people around the world by using a satellite grid that covers the globe. I wish people will at least awake now and start thinking of this in a different angle. If you don't even if you go through another century, you will still keep talking about this and doctors around the world will simply ask you to get used to it there are no medications. Of cause you medications won't help/ it has never helped. It's a illusion only since this is induced to you by using satellites using scalar waves which is not even being studied in universities.



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Re: Strange cases of TINNITUS and other PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS!



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Re: Strange cases of TINNITUS and other PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS!

Tinnitus has been known for thousands of years, so it has nothing to do as such with technology. It is only that noise and stress levels have increased for many people in recent years, causing an increased number of this nervous disturbance.

So your conspiracy theory is already ruled out because of the historical facts.

Just avoid noise and stress, and you are much less likely to suffer from tinnitus.



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Re: Strange cases of TINNITUS and other PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS!

The appearance of such nervous disorders indicates the presence of serious health problems. Tinnitus can be effectively treated with CBD oil. Now I am trying this method and feel my condition improving. I live in America and it is not difficult for me to get high-quality CBD oil. I think that many on this forum will be useful to read about cheaper CBD oil for the treatment of nervous disorders, anxiety and tinnitus.



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Re: Strange cases of TINNITUS and other PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS!

Tinctures are best taken orally. When used sublingually (under the tongue) the medicine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, taking effect in a matter of minutes. Tinctures that are added to foods and beverages need to pass through the digestive system before they start to work. Like edibles, this method can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours before the effects are felt https://nobullshitseeds.com/best-cbd-oil/



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