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Tinnitus and its relationship with Auto Sensory Function ASF©

What is Auto Sensory Function? It is a default hierarchal process within all organisms.
A hierarchy that sets default priorities we have little or no control over. Most times to the benefit of the organism but sometimes to the organism’s detriment.  Example – an injury occurs, neurotransmissions (electrical impulses) facilitate the delivery of blood and liquids to the location of the injury to begin the protection and healing to the said area. However when this process occurs (as a default) within the patient suffering from say, mesothelioma, the lungs are filled and the patient can drown.

With tinnitus, ASF is the protagonist.
Let me explain. Neurotransmitters fire constantly. With the senses, signals are sent to nerve endings and the brain receives a response. When the response is limited and/or does not exist, the brain increases the intensity of the electrical impulses to gain a response and heal or repair the area, as in the former example. With touch, say if the tips of the fingers are numbed by extreme cold, a tingling sensation is felt. In this case the antagonist is the numbness, all be it the lack of response. The process has successfully executed its function.
With the tinnitus affected auditory system the antagonist is some form of damage or restriction placed on the cilia to prevent a normal response. Yes, the cilia not only respond to external stimuli but also are constantly engaged with the brain and always active, moving thus creating an electrical impulse. When the response is limited or non-existent the brain goes into default mode . . . ASF.
Tinnitus sufferers experience varied frequencies or types of tinnitus because the cilia damaged or restricted may be different. Sound is the outcome, not from external stimuli but manifested by the neurotransmissions directed at the cochlear nerve.
Over time the tinnitus increases by default. Why?
There is no response from the cilia affected and the neurotransmissions increase to gain a response.
As the electrical impulses increase over time and because the cilia are extremely fragile, the intensity is such that it can place the cilia into a ‘shock’ state in the same way a loud external event can.
The initial injury to the cilia is the antagonist. The default process of increasing electrical impulses,
ASF is the protagonist.
I would welcome any input from one and all.



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