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Vitamin B12 can reduce Tinnitus

I took recently some Vitamin B tablets for while (for an unrelated reason) and noticed that it considerably reduces my tinnitus, even at low dosages (barely above the recommended daily amount). Of course, Vitamin B is the 'nerve vitamin', so it is likely to have some influence on any nerve related issues like tinnitus. Severe deficiencies of Vitamin B12 in particular can indeed by a cause of tinnitus and other (even much more serious) health issues. Taking some Vitamin B supplements in the appropriate dosage can therefore bring some big improvements for the personal well-being here. The good news is that Vitamin B has practically no side effects at any dosage. Being water soluble, the body will simply discard any unused Vitamin B. Furthermore, it is freely and cheaply available in drugstores, supermarkets and the internet.

This observation solves also the mystery why alcohol free beer always had a calming effect on my tinnitus: it contains Vitamin B12 (which is also present in normal beer, but the alcohol there prevents it from being absorbed by the body).

Even though it may not have the same impact for all tinnitus sufferers, it is certainly something worth checking out before embarking on some expensive and maybe risky therapies and medications to improve the condition.




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