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Hello All! It is nice to know I don't suffer alone!

Hello all!

My name is Terry and I've been suffering from T for just under two weeks. I know that is not a long time, but I am amazed at how disruptive it is. I believe mine is caused by auditory trauma (headphones) and was exacerbated by a loud noise in the kitchen.

My T is a high-pitched and constant noise. For the first week it came and went. It even pretty much disappeared a day or two ago. But now it is constant.

First, I appreciate this forum very much!

Second, I want to know if there is any reasonable hope that since I have only been suffering for less than two weeks, it might abate.

Third, I would like to hear people's thoughts on techniques for alleviating and coping with the condition.

Hang in there, all!




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Re: Hello All! It is nice to know I don't suffer alone!

Hi Terry,

Welcome to the forum.

The techniques for alleviating and coping with the condition can be very different from person to person, in certain cases they may even be completely opposite. But there are certain general 'rules' that apply in most cases: most important is to avoid any nerve stimulating drinks and food (caffeine, alcohol, glutamate (a flavour enhancer)) as this can strongly aggravate the condition; also stress should be avoided if possible. And you should be careful at the moment with other high-pitched external noises (like that from electric shavers or hoovers) that could couple into the tinnitus and make it worse. Avoid these for the time being or use ear plugs.

Most importantly, don't panic, but try to deal with the problems on a day to day basis. The condition is not in any way dangerous but merely a nuisance, and it will get better if you give it enough time and provide the right conditions for it. If you feel that you can't cope with it right now, try whether taking a few painkillers (Aspirin or Paracetamol (Tylenol in the US)) for a couple of days can bring some lasting improvement. It did work for me (and also some others I had contact with) but may not for everybody. The same can be said of alcohol-free beer.

But again it takes time, and, based on your experiences, you have to adjust your daily life as much as possible in the next few weeks and maybe months to alleviate the condition. This takes some patience, especially as there can sometimes be temporary setbacks due to circumstances you can't control, You shouldn't be discouraged by this, but try to take things into their stride and deal with them as required.




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