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My last post on tinnitus

This post is also copied in this post: The Cure, Doctor's and Tinnitus

OK, here's the good news my tinnitus is almost completely gone. Like I said in the past don't give up the search. After a long battle with tinnitus I've almost cured myself. My tinnitus is about 95% gone. I only hear it when I want to.

What was causing my tinnitus? I'm not sure but this is what I've done to clear it.

1) Meds for stress/anxiety.
2) controlling pain, find cause of pain and relieve it.
3) Pinched nerves, in my case surgery was needed
4) allergies take shots if needed.
5) Sinus infections, again not always cleared with antibiotic's, may need surgery.
6) Teeth, root canal teeth causing infections and nerve pain.
7) Neck, this will be the last chance to totally remove the remaining 5 % of my tinnitus. Find what's wrong with the neck muscle's, or nerves.

As you may see tinnitus can be cause not just by one thing but by a series of many things. I'm a much happier person now and I go about my normal day without even thinking about tinnitus.

I'm just a average person who refused to believe the Doctors that nothing could be done for tinnitus. I went on my own crusade to find a cure. If I could do it so can you.

Best of luck my friends as this will be my last post. I need to move forward and put tinnitus to sleep.



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Re: My last post on tinnitus

Thanks for the encouraging words, Tony.



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Re: My last post on tinnitus

Glad for you Tony. I am sure your example can give encouragement to other people even after years suffering from the condition. Having a positive attitude and doing something about it can be already half the cure.

All the best.




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Re: My last post on tinnitus

I'm also glad for you! Fabulous. And i think it's a good decision to go forward and put the tinnitus topic to sleep for you.

All the best for you!



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