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Muscle's Relief & Tinnitus Relief

Hi Again everyone, This is something that I discovered through surgery, and acupuncture. After having surgery twice in the past year my tinntus was quite during recovery time. This made me think that my tinnitus was related to pain. Just recently I've been going to a physiotherapist for relief of back pain from my surgery. The other surgery was for sinus problem. Since I was seeing a physiotherapist I asked him to look at my neck. The muscles seemed tight and there was some pain in the back of the neck. He said there was a close relation between a muscle in the neck and the ear. He found the muscle on my left back shoulder was tight. He released it by using acupuncture. He did the same for the neck musles going up the neck to the ear. The side with the tight muscle is my left side, same as my tinnitus. After he performed the acupuncture the tinnitus started to quite down. The next day I felt great since I had a undisturbed sleep and my tinnitus was almost gone. Not only that but my head felt a lot clearer. With in a day or to later the tinnitus was back and so was the pain in the neck. I now go for acupunture once a week to relieve the tight muscle. Everytime I feel better for a couple of days then the muscle tightens up again.  It may take several treatments to get the muscles to relax. I'll follow this pattern for a while and see where it goes.



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Re: Muscle's Relief & Tinnitus Relief

Im experiencing this! exactly like that.
Only that the pain on my back is bigger than the tinnitus.....



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Re: Muscle's Relief & Tinnitus Relief

Tony, will you please follow up and tell us how you're doing?



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