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#1 09-08-2013 18:27:33

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Free Tinnitus Frequency Detection Software

Hi everyone,

My co-worker has developed a new software program that allows you to detect your tinnitus frequency: http://www.audionotch.com/app/tune/

You can access the new, updated and advanced version of the tinnitus tuner here (requires chrome or safari): http://www.audionotch.com/app/tune2/

The advanced tuner has some pretty cool features, including support for atypical tinnitus tones (that don't sound like the classic "peep" sound), as well as a visualization feature and other stuff.

Please be aware, I must disclose that I run www.audionotch.com, a Notched Sound Therapy proprietor, however, I've deliberately made our tinnitus tuner free of charge and accessible to everyone, so I figured I'd share that resource with everyone here. I hope you find it useful.


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