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Notched Music and Notched White Noise Software - www.AudioNotch.com

Hi Everyone,

I'm Peter, one of the founders of www.audionotch.com/

I acquired Tinnitus from standing next to a speaker in a music club several years ago. It was a very difficult experience for me, but fortunately a professor at McMaster University told me about Notched Music Therapy.

I initially created it by manually programming the notches using Audacity, but the process was long and laborious. However, by listening to Notched White Noise, I reduced the volume of my tinnitus.

Currently I'm a medical student at McMaster University and I've set up some on-line software the provides notched music and notched white noise. It specifically targets  your own unique tinnitus frequency (in step 1, you detect your own tinnitus frequency using our proprietary tuner). It's not a cure but over time it makes your tinnitus tone quieter, reducing its volume by targeting the root cause.

There have been a fair number of papers on the subject recently (check out www.audionotch.com/FAQ to see them) and it's a treatment that's backed by experimental evidence (we're independent and unaffiliated with the scientists who pioneered the field).

I hope that many of you will be able to benefit from our Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy!

Peter Phua
Marketing Co-ordinator,


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