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Holistic Tinnitus Cure

I was 54 years old, experiencing life at it's fullest. I attended a motivational seminar where about 100 people broke boards in half, using a karate like move, and then clapping the two halves together in an enclosed hotel banquet room. The noise was deafening. The next morning I had this ringing in my ears that would not go away. Little did I know that my life was about to take an unexpected turn. The noise in my ears increased over time. A trip to my general practitioner did no good. He thought maybe it was just a migraine induced by stress. I tried to relax more and that helped (a little). After several visits the diagnosis was tinnitus. Now, I thought we can fix this. It wasn't long before my relief turned into panic as the
doctor explained that there is no cure and I'd simply have to learn to live with it like thousands of other sufferers walking the planet.

I tried prescription drugs (anti-anxieties and anti-depressants) and took muscle relaxers, vitamins and oriental medicinal herbs to no avail. Then I stumbled upon an holistic cure. I followed the recommendations and was absolutely amazed when only 5 weeks later my tinnitus was completely gone. I almost gave up on finding any relief for the horrendous ringing in my ears until I tried this simple yet effective cure. http://www.myringingintheears.com



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Re: Holistic Tinnitus Cure

I have moved this contribution from the 'Tinnitus' forum into 'Adverts' as the mentioned website does not offer any open information. It is actually likely to be a scam (according to http://www.rnid.org.uk/community/forums … itus_cure/ where the same text was posted as well). I have subscribed to the newletter offered on this site and shall post any details here as soon as it becomes clear what's behind this.




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