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Tinnitus and dizziness


I have Tinnitus for last 6 months and no recovery observed  so far.

Tried allopathy and currently doing ayurveda.

Its learned that some of the tinnitus patients ( majority of them ) get balance disorder/dizziness along with Tinnitus. I am suffering from both.

I would like to know, whether anyone got complete cure from this disease or only getting suggestions to just control the attacks ?



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Re: Tinnitus and dizziness

Hi Chandra71,

Welcome to the forum.

Tinnitus, and in some cases the dizziness as well, is a nervous condition, and they are difficult to treat because the nervous system is very complex and affected by many external influences. But if you take some care, then it will eventually improve or even disappear, but it can take some time, from a couple of months to a couple of years, depending on the personal constitution and your lifestyle. So the most important thing is not to get impatient. For the time being just try to deal with the problem on a day to day basis and don't think so much about the long term future (which may cause anxiety and make things only worse).

There are quite a few reports in this forum where the condition has strongly improved or even disappeared. See for instance here


or just yesterday in the German forum (Google translated)

http://translate.google.com/translate?u … &hl=en

or this very long thread here (Google translated)

http://translate.google.com/translate?u … &hl=en

and regarding the dizziness


As suggested in some of these posts by me, Vitamin B12 could help to stabilize the nervous system and thus to improve the symptoms.




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