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Tinnitus is it really our ears.

Hello everyone here. If you're readying this than you too have been suffering from something that sound s like ringing in the ears. As we know now its caused by the head and not the ears. Whats causing it. Well is been about 2 plus years since my last post and yes i still have the buzzing brain sounds but i'm a lot closer to finding the problem. After 5 1/2 years of searching It seems the sound isn't from hearing loss but in fact its caused by my neck. I would suggest try turning your neck as far left and right and see if you can increase or change the sound levels. If you can than have the Doctors check to see if you have and blood vessels problems or tight muscles. These can cause ringing in the ears. It doesn't mean you'll be able to stop the buzzing but knowing is half the battle.

Now on another note don't find yourself so caught up in your search for a cure to tinnitus that you forget about the rest of your body. You see for the last 5 years I've been trying to find a cure for tinnitus that i neglected the rest of my body. Well last week something hit me in the gut. Colon cancer. I was so caught up with tinnitus that i forgot to have my colon checked a few years ago. This Friday i'm having my colon removed and my fight with cancer starts. Tinnitus is nothing compared to cancer.

Take care




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Re: Tinnitus is it really our ears.

Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you again. Of course not so good to hear about your latest troubles with cancer. I wish you the best of luck with the surgery and your further cancer treatment. And you shouldn't blame yourself of having neglected your health because of the tinnitus. Even with regular monitoring cancer is not really preventable but is only detected if it has manifested itself already. It is at best a question of detecting it sooner or later. A colonoscopy you can do usually only every 5-10 years, and during that time a cancer can already have developed. I had a colonoscopy done 5 years ago after a a positive test for blood in stool, but it turned out to be a false alarm, There weren't even any polyps in my colon . I am doing now a new, more reliable test every 1-2 years that can also detect non-bleeding cancer and even polyps, so the chance of early detection is much better than with the usual tests ( http://www.schebo.com/products/schebo-t … tool-test/ ).

Your experience in your fight with tinnitus should help you here as well. It is all about being persistent and not giving up.




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